KBO Cup 2024

The popular KBO Cup is back for 2024! As many as 8 competitions make up the championship.

Anyone over the age of 16 with karting experience can take part. You must have driven on Kartbaan Oldenzaal before.

The karts used are fastest Sodi SR5 race karts that do not have a rev limiter. All drivers must be of a minimum weight of 85 kg. The karts have weight boxes that can hold up to 30 kg of lead. The lead is available from Kartbaan Oldenzaal.

Also make sure you register with the SodiWorldSeries. Here you can collect points for the global rental kart championship, where the best driver in the Netherlands can participate in the world finals. This season, points will be awarded separately for the two sprint races, so that you can participate in a total of 16 races for the SWS at Kartbaan Oldenzaal.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, new drivers should have some experience racing at Kartbaan Oldenzaal and using the race karts. If a driver causes an unsafe situation to occur, we reserve the right to remove them from the race.


The races are held on Saturdays between 9:15 am and 2 pm at three different levels:

  • Group 1: Pro
  • Group 2: Semi-Pro
  • Group 3: Rookies

Without racing experience you can only register for Group 3: Rookies!

The racing schedule for 2024 is as follows:

  • 4 mins Qualification 1, 12 mins Race 1
  • 4 mins Qualification 2, 12 mins Race 2

The costs for the 2024 season have been set at € 44,- per person per race and payment must be made using iDeal or Creditcard. No refund of the registration fee is possible.

At the end of the race there will be a prize-giving ceremony complete with a podium. Those people in positions 1 to 3 will receive a cup. You must re-register for each race. It is not mandatory to take part in every race. When it comes to the general classification, one result can be discarded.

Race dates & registration

Registration for 2024 is open.
Please note, from this season onwards, registration will be via Apex!
You must therefore create an account to register for the race.

Dates 2024:

Test race: February 3
Race 1: March 16
Race 2: April 6
Race 3: Mai 4
Race 4: June 1
Race 5: July 13
Race 6: August 31
Race 7: October 12
Race 8: November 23

Note: The following riders have been promoted to a higher level!

Group 2 > 1: Joost Kremer, Damian Zagkotsis, Klaas Jan de Boer
Group 3 > 2: Mark Oude Wesselink, Coen Gerrits, Joshua ten Wolde, Alex Reinders