Grand-Prix Race

For die-hard racing fans we have put together a special Grand Prix race. This race consists of a driver briefing, practice heat, qualifying heat and then the actual race starting from the grid. After the practice heat, you will qualify to try to get the fastest lap time so that you can start the race from pole position.

When the red lights go out at the start of the race, there is a hum of excitement in the air, and you’ll get to experience the ultimate Formula 1 feeling! The fastest drivers are given their moment of glory on the podium, and the winner receives their well-earned cup and champagne!

During the practice and qualifying sessions, there may be other drivers on the track, which means you will not have exclusive use of the track. For the race, however, your company will have exclusive use of the track.

The Grand Prix race consists of

  • Driver briefing
  • Practice session (10 mins)
  • Qualification (10 mins)
  • Race (8 mins) for the fastest 10 drivers
  • Prize-giving ceremony
  • (must be arranged in advance)


  • Costs: € 49,50 per person (€ 16,50 per heat)
  • Additional costs: € 2.50 balaclava and gloves
  • Bottle of champagne: € 7.50
  • Cup for the winner: € 5.00

A Grand Prix cannot be booked on Sunday afternoons and during holiday periods.

  • Minimum of 10 people, minimum age 18 years
  • During the practice and qualifying sessions, there may be other drivers on the track.
  • During the race, use of the track is exclusively for your company.

Book Grand-Prix race

A Grand Prix race must be booked in advance and cannot be organised for a Sunday afternoon.
Please contact us for more information and available dates.