New Year's Race 2023

It is again possible to register your own team for the annual New Year’s race of Kartbaan Oldenzaal! Also this year we are organizing a 3-hour New Year’s race on Sunday 8 January, in which everyone with or without racing experience can participate. Our SODI SR5 race karts (80 km/h) will be driven.

This race is intended for self-composed teams of at least 2 people. The whole consists of a 20-minute training session, a hotlap qualifying and a 180-minute race. Karts are also changed during the refueling stops!

The minimum weight per rider is set at 85kg. An average compensation weight is calculated for the entire team.
Calculation example: Your team consists of three drivers. The total weight is 3 x 85kg = 255kg.
Your teammates weigh 70 kg, 75 kg and 85 kg. A total weight of 230 kg.
A total of 25 kg is missing. Divided by three riders, this amounts to 8.3 kg, rounded up to 10 kg of compensation weight.

Maximum 19 teams so be quick!


3-hour New Year’s race / € 255 per team
Sunday 8 January / 09:15 start time

Age: 16 years and older (dispensation for KBO/NKH drivers)

Payment in advance is required and can be done via iDeal or credit card. After submitting the form you will be automatically redirected to the payment to complete your registration.

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